True Detective season 3 : "filming the longest of my life" according to Stephen Dorff

Meeting with Stephen Dorff, who relies on behind-the-scenes of “True Detective” season 3, which was apparently the longest shoot of his career. The series is broadcast in France (US+24 sur OCS City generation HBO. AlloCin√© : Were you a connoisseur of True Detective before turning this season 3 ? Stephen Dorff : Well, of course. When I saw it I said to myself that it was the best thing I’ve seen on tv since The Sopranos ! The actors and the script were awesome, and I absolutely wanted to know who was Nic Pizzolatto. Then there was season 2, where players are younger, of my generation, were playing and I said to myself : “well ! Nobody has called me !” And there have been rumors about a third season, and out of nowhere, Nic wanted me to play in. I immediately requested scenarios, but I was not given, just a few scenes and when Nic has really chosen, I was sent. They were better and better over time.(…) What is it changed to you have eight hours to develop a character ? It was amazing because I’ve never known it before. I had been only an hour and a half or two hours to play. I was reading the scripts and I said to myself this is awesome but how are we gonna turn all that stuff, it was like making four movies. (…) It was a great experience, I understood why actors like to rotate a series cable. This is where you have the best scriptwriters, the audience loves it and devours it, sometimes the whole season a shot. It is completely different from the cinema, where a film remains for a week and then sometimes disappears, and we must wait to see it on Netflix or some other platform (…). This is very different from when I started [in 1987]. For your character, Roland, have you done further research ? I asked Nic a few questions about things that were not included in the scenario. To find out where he grew up, what was his childhood, what kind of relationship he had with his parents… Nic gave me a biography of two pages explaining its sensitivity a little “cowboy” or his love of the rodeo (…). Otherwise, the script was very solid and the characters were already in the scenarios, which necessarily fond of all the actors. When I worked with Sofia Coppola, the script had very little dialogue, everything went by the picture and the poetry between Elle Fanning and me [in Somewhere]. And with True Detective, I had never had a role with so many good replicas. I was able to immediately find the right rhythm to the dialogues of Nic. (…) What is this season 3 of True Detective ? This was the turning the longest of my life : 125 days in Arkansas. My longest experience cinema, it was Public Enemies with 5 months of filming but I didn’t have to work every day, unlike True Detective where it was almost every day (…). The principle of “True Detective”, it is the duo of police officers, so you have a lot of scenes with Mahershali Ali, who plays your team-mate. How would you define his way of playing ? [His character], Wayne, is a different beast than Roland. It keeps everything for him, he is very serious, very methodical. Maybe this comes from his past in Vietnam, where it has seen a lot of violence and spent a lot of time alone in the jungle. Roland has also made this war, but he spent his time repairing vehicles, ( … ), has seen no action and is no doubt not out of a weapon of any conflict. Wayne is darker and Mahershala has done an excellent job, including in scenes where he is aged and he is trying to remember. I look forward to the time when spectators see us together grow old. Remember also that you have turned to the scenery real, in the ozark mountains, that is what this brings to a performance ? Nic was in college in the Ozarks and he is familiar with the city, the atmosphere, what it is to live there, the people whose story he recounts. I was reading the scenario and boom ! I saw the scene on the spot. It was also interesting to see that this part of the country has not really changed. There is racism, guns everywhere, of Republican voters pro-Trump… as a city dweller it was interesting to spend time there. In the next episode of “True Detective” season 3 this Sunday and US+24 sur OCS City generation HBO : True Detective – season 3 trailer VOST

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